Pandemic Response

Infectious Disease Planning

In the wake of the pandemic, re-entry of workers is the next hurdle for companies, and health will remain a top priority. To facilitate this, CTEH offers bio-monitoring and screening of visitors and employees. This is a proven method of capturing information to better understand travel methods, potential contact with symptomatic individuals, and any symptoms they may exhibit, all of which will become important as personnel begin returning to offices and job sites.

CTEH also deploys qualified medical physicians, registered nurses, certified occupational health nurses, and medical technicians. Our professionals develop and implement custom medical or entrance clearance protocols and processes in accordance with your company’s and public health authorities’ guidance and requirements for public health and safety.

These processes often include medical and travel questionnaires and may include information like body temperature and basic medical information.

If you have an emergency need, call our emergency line at 1-866-869-2834. Otherwise, contact us here.

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