Crisis Management

Empowering Decisive Decision Making During Critical Moments

The Global Preparedness Crisis Management team helps to prepare clients for all-threat/all-hazard events. CTEH has expanded our international consulting expertise to include incident management and resource tracking software which supplements our crisis preparedness and response capabilities. Our team facilitates resilience and recovery through planning and preparation. This is achieved by integration with public and private sector partners, allowing experts to deliver results with flexibility and speed. CTEH services assist in controlling long-term cost and help to facilitate the return to normalcy by allowing clients to focus on their core business efforts.

CTEH has experience with a wide range of responses including major offshore oil spills, transportation incidents with hazardous materials, well control events, human health and environmental events (e.g., Ebola, avian flu), and natural disasters for both the public and private sectors. We also have an extensive network of emergency responders to support the delivery of our preparedness, response, and recovery of all-threat/all-hazard services. We offer a valuable surge capability for your crisis management needs and in support of Incident Management Teams. Speak with an expert today.

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