CTEH's Experts on Returning to Work Safely

Last week, CTEH senior industrial hygienist David Watts, CIH, MSPH, and principal medical toxicologist and occupational physician Michael Holland, MD, FEAPCCT, FAACT, FACMT, FACOEM, FACEP, helped present a webinar on four elements of returning to work safely in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The four elements included COVID-19 prognosis, communication with the workforce, occupational safety and health guidelines/cleanup and disinfection, and facility operation.

For the COVID-19 prognosis segment, Dr. Holland covered the history of the coronavirus, the illness it causes, its origin, and its symptoms. He also shared information about the deadliness of the virus, risk factors, time course, flattening the curve, and more.

For the workforce communication segment, Mr. Watts provided information such as development of FAQs, development of return to work practices/policies, symptomatic personnel, and more.

To view the entire webinar, including the following two segments hosted by experts from CCA, follow this link.