Workplace first-aid refresh for National Safety Month

Every day, a dozen employees are fatally injured while at work. In fact, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), nearly 5,000 workers died on the job in 2014. Training your employees in first aid can literally mean the difference between life and death.

CTEH’s Medical Physician, Certified Safety Professionals (CSP) and Registered Nurses can perform a full audit on your corporate health and safety program(s) to help identify any unknown risks, as well as, provide safety training to your team anywhere in North America. This National Safety Month, our consultants and OSHA are sharing steps you should take when developing a first-aid plan for your workplace:

•Determine the risks that exist in your workplace, which may cause worker injury or illness

•Create a plan to minimize the exposure to these risks and ensure you have adequate quantities of first-aid supplies and equipment on hand (i.e., bandages, automated external defibrillators)

•Designate and train your workplace first-aid providers with courses from the American Red Cross, American Heart Association or other third parties

•Notify all your workers about the first-aid program and instruct them in what to do in case of emergencies

•Evaluate your workplace first-aid program regularly to determine whether updates or improvements should be made

For more information about program reviews, workplace first aid or how to schedule training, or You can also check out the American Red Cross’ ready reference guide to first aid.