TERP® Team to Action: Part I

A train derails. A pipeline breaks. A workplace accident occurs. No matter when or where a disaster strikes, CTEH®’s Toxicology Emergency Response Program (TERP®) is ready to take action. Since this program was founded nearly 20 years ago, our team of environmental scientists, data managers and Ph.D. toxicologists has been been available 24/7/365 to mobilize to impacted sites.

These highly skilled professionals are trained in emergency procedures, hazard assessment and mitigation, respiratory protection and protective clothing, as well as first aid and CPR. They also have immediate access to state-of-the-art equipment—from portable meteorological stations to integrated air sampling pumps—so they can swiftly and accurately evaluate potential environmental and human health impacts. Today, we’re proud to report that our TERP® team is still one of the only programs in North America that can provide this level of resources and toxicological expertise.


Interested in learning more about CTEH’s TERP® team? Visit cteh.com, and then check back in with Inside CTEH for “TERP® team to action: Part II.” We’ll be answering your most frequently asked questions about this innovative program.