Spotlight on Certifications: Michael Lumpkin, PhD, DABT

In our recent blog posts on credentials and professional certifications, we’ve discussed specifically the credentials of many of our employees here at CTEH. Now, we want to focus specifically on Senior Toxicologist Michael Lumpkin, PhD, DABT, who has both a terminal academic degree in his field as well as a prestigious professional accreditation.

The term “terminal degree” means that the degree is considered the highest in the discipline. In toxicology, a Ph.D., or doctorate is seen as the pinnacle of academic degree work.

Lumpkin earned his bachelor’s degree in 1994 from the University of Georgia and his doctorate in 2002 from the University of Georgia.

In addition to his academic credentials, Dr. Lumpkin has the professional certification of “DABT,” which means he is board-certified as a Diplomate of the American Board of Toxicology. To be eligible to be a candidate for this distinction, a toxicologist must have a doctoral degree in the field, or one closely related to it, at least three years of full-time, post-doctoral experience in the field, or have other degrees with more professional time on the books. Then, the candidate must pass a written exam proctored by the Board and covering all subject matter within toxicology. The Diplomate must then attain recertification every four years.

This degree of demonstrated professional acumen makes Dr. Lumpkin well-qualified for the work he does in the field as senior toxicologist for CTEH. In addition to his work with our company, he also provides professional service hours by serving on federal grant review committees and as a peer reviewer for toxicology journals to ensure high scientific quality in toxicology research being funded and published.