CTEH® welcomes Cmdr. (Ret.) USCG Joe Leonard, Jr., MEP, PCP, CEM, CHS-V

CTEH® is excited to announce Cmdr. (Ret.) Joseph J. Leonard, Jr., MEP, PCP, CEM, CHS-V has joined the CTEH® response team.  He is a senior consultant offering a full-range of emergency response and crisis management expertise. Cmdr. (Ret.) Leonard is a graduate of Murray State University and the Virginia Military Institute. He served as a Commander with the United States Coast Guard (USCG) for 28 years (Galveston, Texas area). Cmdr. (Ret.) Leonard helped lead the Incident Management Assistance Team, Contingency Planning and Force Readiness Department, and Response Operations Department, to name a few.

“After many years of working with Joe on disasters around the country in his role on the USCG Incident Management Assistance Team, we are very excited to welcome him to the CTEH® team of consultants.  Joe has served our industry with strong leadership for years as a Commander on this unique team and now continues to serve the industry as a consultant where he will put his years of experience to work to help continuously improve our client’s preparedness and response capabilities” says Cory Davis, CTEH® Partner and Principal Consultant.

As a decorated veteran within the USCG and the United States Army, Cmdr. (Ret.) Leonard has served in unique leadership roles during some of our nations most notable emergency response efforts over the past 15 years. Some of his career response experience includes:

•2014 Ebola Virus Response (USCG Headquarters / Washington, DC)—Deliberate Planner on National Crisis Action Team.

•2014 Texas City “Y” Oil Spill (Matagorda, TX)—Planning Section Chief—688 responders

•2014 Unaccompanied Alien Children Influx (FEMA National Response Coordination Center / Washington, DC)—Planning Section Chief (Unified Coordination Group at the National Response Coordination Center)—Type-1 Alien Migrant Interdiction/Sheltering/Processing Operation along US Southern Border.

•2012 Hurricane Sandy Area Command (New York, NY)–Area Planning Section Chief—3,500 responders

•2010/2012  MODU DEEPWATER HORIZON Oil Spill—Environmental Section Chief (Gulf Coast incident Management Team), Branch Director Parish/St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana), Planning Section Chief (Texas), and

•48,500 responders

•National Interagency Incident Management System (NIIMS) and hazardous

•materials response instructor—trained an average of 800 personnel per year.

•2005  Hurricane Katrina—FEMA Administrator-appointed Area Commander for Houston Shelter Operations following the evacuation from Louisiana—8,000+ responders, 80,000 volunteers, and 44,000+ evacuees sheltered in largest mass shelter operation in US history

•Developed major operational plans and supervised updates of Galveston Bay Area Contingency Plan.  Unit Operation Plan was first completed plan in U.S.

•Coast Guard and served as model for all other 47 Marine Safety Offices.

•Helicopter pilot: Received First Pilot and Co-pilot designations.  Rescued 32 persons, assisted 276 persons, saved over $3,500,000 of property

•2001 Tropical Storm Allison—Incident Commander for Recovery Operations—300+ responders

Over the last 21 years, Cmdr. (Ret.) Leonard has conducted NIMS ICS training, hazardous materials response training, and directed exercises for the Coast Guard; Customs and Border Protection; several state Army National Guard; other state agencies; county Sheriff’s offices and Constable precincts; municipal fire, police, and transit authority offices; as well as numerous members of the private sector, including the petrochemical industry and maritime transportation system stakeholders.

CTEH® is proud to have him on board. For more information on Cmdr. (Ret.) Leonard’s qualifications please visit his profile on our website.