CTEH® announces the addition of John Temperilli, Industry Expert in Crisis Management

CTEH® is excited to announce John Temperilli has joined the CTEH® response team.  He is a senior consultant offering a broad range of crisis management and disaster response leadership expertise. He has successfully responded and managed large-scale Stafford Act events with numerous state and federal agencies, and numerous NCP (National Contingency Plan) Emergency events with EPA, USCG and relevant state agencies.  John has spearheaded catastrophic planning and gap analysis on a national and international level.  He has developed and conducted training and exercises internationally in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and South America.

John has responded to a majority of the major disasters experienced in the past 15 years; including the 9-11 Terrorist Attack; 8 hurricane responses in Florida and the Gulf Coast from 2004 through 2005; the Haitian Earthquake of 2010; and the Macondo Oil Spill 2010.

During the World Trade Center Response in New York John served as the project manager for the Forensic Debris Recovery Project at Fresh Kills Landfill on Staten Island. Working closely with the FBI and NYPD, he honed and perfected the four item recovery mission assignment in sifting the 1,700,000 tons of debris from Ground Zero, including personal effects, airplane parts, and human remains.

In Haiti, he assisted in the creation of an overall response plan for immediate and long-term hurricane recovery pre-Earthquake, and subsequently post-earthquake coordinated with USAID and the United Nations and was part of the technical advisory team for the U.S. Earthquake Response Ambassador Lew Lucke.

John and his private sector team keyed the implementation of the Florida Logistics Plan in response to hurricanes Charley, Frances, Ivan and Jean in 2004. In 2005, as private sector subject matter expert, John performed a key role in integrating with FEMA/Florida response efforts, and communicating with Florida Governor Jeb Bush EM chief of staff and Florida EM Director Craig Fugate.

Other notable work occurred during the Macondo spill. He was responsible for advising and assisting the Florida Escambia County Administrator and Environmental staff in county response strategies, acting as SME for public information and briefings to the County Commissioners, and monitoring expenditure and recovery of Hurricane Reserve Funds used in response to the oil spill.

“I have looked up to John as a leading consultant since my start in this industry over 15 years ago.  His knowledge and broad-based experience are rivaled by few.  We are very excited that John has chosen to join the CTEH® Team.” says Cory Davis, CTEH® Partner and Principal Consultant.

John has been an operations, district, program and project manager in the private sector for over 30 years. CTEH® is proud to have him on board. For more information on John Temperilli’s qualifications please visit his profile on our website here.