CTEH Takes on #CleanGulf2016 (Part II)

During the 26th Annual Clean Gulf Conference and Exhibition, CTEH joined industry leaders from across the country to share best practices and “lessons learned.” They focused on several topics including spill prevention; the transportation and storage of oil and hazardous materials; preparedness and response in exploration and production; and more.

This year, the conference also highlighted the importance of inland preparedness and response. As Cmdr. (Ret.) Joe Leonard of CTEH’s Global Preparedness and Crisis Management said, the conference “gets the inland communities that are often forgotten, but they shouldn’t be because they’re so critical in the United States, actively involved in this level of response operations.” Watch the video below to hear more from Joe about inland preparedness and response activities at #CleanGulf2016:


Full video available at http://bit.ly/2eOVcJZ 

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