Behind the scenes: CTEH’s Mobile Command Centers (Part II)

We recently shared an inside look into CTEH’s Mobile Command Centers. These “offices on the road” are outfitted with the latest technologies including laptops, instruments and satellite television so our teams are equipped to meet the needs of any incident. By popular demand, Inside CTEH is back with more about these cutting-edge units. Check out some of the most frequently asked questions below: 

How many employees can fit in a Mobile Command Center?

Our Mobile Command Centers can accommodate up to 10 single-person workstations. They can also be set up as equipment bays or conference spaces. 

Are the centers equipped for all types of weather conditions and terrains?

Our Mobile Command Centers have been used in all weather conditions—from snowy, sub-zero temperatures to tropical areas with temperatures above 100 degrees. As long as there is a usable road and a stable foundation, CTEH can deploy these units anywhere. 

What’s the most frequently used piece of equipment in the centers?

Workstations and equipment storage bays. Our data managers utilize the workstations and plotters to provide immediate mapping visuals, like aerial imagery of the site, to support incident command operations—providing the most accurate information for site planning and operations. The equipment storage bays provide a secure location for our monitoring and sampling equipment to be calibrated and inventoried for efficient and accurate data collection.

What do employees say is their favorite part of working out of the Mobile Command Center?

Employees enjoy the secure climate controlled workspace, as well as internet access and communications—regardless of their locations. Bottom line, our Mobile Command Centers give our teams the tools they need to perform their roles anywhere.

What’s the farthest a Mobile Command Center has ever traveled? 

One of our Mobile Command Centers traveled from Little Rock, Arkansas to Lac-Mégantic, Quebec, Canada—approximately 1,600 miles—in 24 hours.

Want to see more of CTEH’s Mobile Command Centers? We’ve shared a few photos below.

CTEH Mobile Command Cntr Interior