Rail Environmental Services

CTEH® has comprehensive knowledge of the environmental and human health issues facing rail companies and we bring our collective experience and multidisciplinary approach to every project. We provide a wide range of scientific consulting services to rail industry, including:

Emergency Response

CTEH® provides continuous chemical air monitoring, collection of meteorological data, surface sampling during a rail incident. CTEH® air monitoring capabilities are not limited to the spill site and can extend sampling into neighboring communities for potential exposure. CTEH® employees are familiar with the rail industry protocols, terms, and regulators, providing expedited communication of monitoring data to key stakeholders during an incident.

Industrial Hygiene

CTEH® industrial hygienists are qualified to completely assess rail specific hazards and worker protection needs. Surveys include recognition of rail hazards, identification and quantification of specific exposures, and development of controls to reduce or eliminate hazardous exposures. Relevant industrial hygiene capabilities include air sampling, noise dosimetry, health hazard assessments, physical hazard evaluation to include heat and cold stress, ergonomics (interfacing of man and machine), vibrations, and indoor air quality studies.

Worker Exposure-Occupational Health

CTEH® Staff often serve as an important liaison between workers, and the community during a rail incident. The team can rapidly assess the potential for human health affects during the release, evaluate the relevant epidemiology literature, and, in some cases, provide ongoing evaluation of potential worker and community exposure. CTEH® can also provide chemical information to hospitals, local physicians, educate the local health care community, and be available to answer questions from health care providers.

Risk Assessment

CTEH® risk assessors and toxicologists have extensive experience evaluating the potential human exposure pathways from contaminated sites, and importantly, providing clear guidance for activities that are protective of human health.

Right of Entry Management

Every major railroad operates track and facilities in industrial areas, bordering properties with serious environmental issues. In a large number of cases these properties have environmental impacts which have spread to railroad property. The Right of Entry Management Program was designed to reduce property owner exposure to potential contamination liability related to adjacent sites.

Post-Incident Remediation Support

CTEH® initiated this program to provide fast, cost effective and cooperative assessment and cleanup at incidents with soil and surface water issues. The major goal of this program is to reduce long-term remediation by addressing the major issues early on in a project. CTEH® accomplishes this goal several ways. We coordinate with regulators, both on-site and off-site, to ensure that we are meeting their expectations as well as keeping our client’s interests in mind.

Additionally, CTEH® can provide assistance with segregation of wastes and identify economical disposal options. We will prepare technical closure reports and ensure a smooth transition to the railroad’s long term environmental consultant if further action is needed.

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