Hazardous Materials Technician Training

CTEH® offers training programs to those individuals whose employers have determined to need Hazardous Materials Technician level training. OSHA Requirements for this Training Level:

According to OSHA, these individuals are “individuals who respond to releases or potential releases for the purpose of stopping the release. They assume a more aggressive role than a first responder at the operations level in that they will approach the point of release in order to plug, patch or otherwise stop the release of a hazardous substance.

Hazardous materials technicians shall have received at least 24 hours of training equal to the first responder operations level and in addition have competency in the following areas and the employer shall so certify:

  • Hazardous Materials Technician Training Know how to implement the employer’s emergency response plan.

  • Know the classification, identification and verification of known and unknown materials by using field survey instruments and equipment.

  • Be able to function within an assigned role in the Incident Command System.

  • Know how to select and use proper specialized chemical personal protective equipment provided to the hazardous materials technician.

  • Understand hazard and risk assessment techniques.

  • Be able to perform advance control, containment, and/or confinement operations within the capabilities of the resources and personal protective equipment available with the unit.

  • Understand and implement decontamination procedures.

  • Understand termination procedures.

  • Understand basic chemical and toxicological terminology and behavior.

These courses shall meet or exceed all requirements of 29CFR1910.120(q)(6)(iii) and NFPA 472.

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