Regulatory Compliance & Product Safety

CTEH® regulatory compliance and product safety and are under the direction of William T. Allaben Ph.D., ATS. CTEH® supports client’s regulatory needs for food, drug, consumer product and environmental and product contaminants with consultants who have expertise in medicine, nursing, pharmacology and pharmacy, toxicology, hazard, and risk assessment/risk modeling.

Examples of services offered:

  • Toxicity testing strategies for existing or new products
  • Bisphenol A regulatory and scientific issues
  • Monitor NTP activities, attend Board of Scientific Councilors, Technical Reports and other key NTP meetings and provide updates and reports
  • Prepare protocols, place and manage studies to assure regulatory compliance
  • Interpret and summarize results of toxicology, genotoxicity and carcinogenicity studies and provide expert scientific opinion
  • Health risk assessments from contamination of products
  • Health and hazard assessment for nanotechnology based products and materials
  • Preparation of regulatory submissions/serve as regulatory liaison
  • Scientific journal publications, critique, federal scientific, and technical reports and state and local government documents for scientific merit, regulatory impact and regulatory overreach
  • Support to counsel/Subject Matter Expert

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