Support to Counsel Approach

Litigation related to products, chemical and biological agent exposure,and safety incidents is highly visible in today’s media. CTEH® experts in these disciplines have experience in providing toxicology, occupational medicine, and industrial hygiene consulting in all facets of legal, regulatory, and health claims.

Toxic Tort claims often require scientific evaluation of exposure. CTEH® has an occupational medical team experienced in epidemiology and toxicology seasoned in the evaluation of causation, and of the relevant scientific criteria. CTEH® toxicologists, engineers, environmental scientists, and industrial hygienists can explain complex exposure issues that individuals may have incurred in the environment and/or in the workplace.

Litigation Data Management

CTEH® has developed a number of tools that allow for the quick analysis and communication of large, complex data sets to our clients and regulatory agencies. Many of our projects have required large scale data coordination across many private and governmental agencies to ensure the proper cleanup levels are met at thousands of residential, industrial, and commercial properties.

CTEH® has developed a web portal that utilizes login-based security to allow each client/regulator to see the real-time status of their units, while maintaining client-specific confidentiality. This is accomplished through the use of wireless hand-held data collection devices allowing for real-time synchronization of field collected data. Sampling results can be imported directly from the laboratory, allowing clients to see photographs, field observations, and sampling data in one easy-to-navigate web portal. CTEH®’s unique ability to both source field personnel and expert witnesses provides maneuverability to our clients unparalleled in our consulting field.

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