CTEH® provides data management, software development and other technology solutions for industrial hygiene and environmental clients. These include database management, custom application development, mobile data collection and geographic information systems (GIS) for projects involving environmental sampling, emergency response, worker exposure monitoring, data validation, reporting, and electronic data deliverables (EDD’s). We have project experience with several industry standard databases like the Environmental Protection Agency’s SCRIBE database and EarthSoft’s EQuIS, as well as designing custom project databases to meet our clients need.

Project Data Management

Data generated during an emergency response or environmental remediation project typically consists of the following:

  • Monitoring Data
  • Field Observations
  • Sampling Data
  • Laboratory Data
  • Spatial Data (i.e. sample and observation coordinates)

CTEH® has experience assimilating, normalizing, digesting, interpreting and disseminating these data. Our data management team is unique in that they understand the nature and origin of the data through real-life field data collation experience.

CTEH® data managers follow Quality Assurance/ Quality Control (QA/QC) measures on all their data management projects. We utilize our mobile data collection to capture standard and project specific metadata to use during data analysis.

Communicating these data to and from laboratories, contractors, agencies and clients is mandatory. CTEH® has experience establishing Electronic Data Deliverable (EDD) formats and establishing import/export workflows between key players on a project.

Data Management Services

CTEH® offers a range of data management services to their clients. Whether you need historical data migrated from legacy systems or hard copy data entered into an existing system, we can assist you in efficiently meeting your needs. Our data management staff has experience dealing with a wide variety of data types and developing custom systems. These include:

  • Remote Monitoring Data Capture and Analysis
  • Contaminated Document Recovery
  • Medical Questionnaire Content Management System
  • Paper to Electronic Form Conversion for Tablet and Windows Mobile
  • Automated Personnel Monitoring Data Capture
  • Biological Sample Collection Workflow
  • Plaintiff Tracking
  • Interactive Litigation Exhibits

Web-Based Applications

Our developers are deeply rooted in database driven Open Source web frameworks. Most of our data solutions are delivered through a web browser, allowing global accessibility and cross platform compatibility. Whether you need an updated front-end for an existing database or want to build a new one from the ground up, CTEH® offers the most scalable, flexible solutions to optimize your data experience.

  • Diesel Exhaust Study – CTEH® provided our client with a front-end, web-based interface to acquire many related data points from several different contractors nationwide. Each contractor used his own mechanism of data collection. By utilizing the internet, we were not only able to maintain the integrity of the database, but we also saved time and money throughout the life of the project.

  • Emergency Response Portal – The ERP provides a central location to store vital information during a crisis situation. Data is shared between CTEH® and our clients as well as other contractors and agencies. The ERP allows us to implement other web-based applications efficiently by providing a common ground for our clients.

  • Equipment Management Interface – This is a custom application that was built for a client to help manage a nationwide network of hazardous materials responders and their equipment. Some of the equipment included expirable air monitoring media and sensors. Once expired, these tools are rendered useless. To address this critical issue, we developed an interface that will provide a warning when the consumable supplies are about to expire. Our clients also have the capability to view important details regarding each responder including equipment, contact information, and training compliance. Additionally, we have built in a mapping search function. We simply enter the zip code or town where the incident is located and the application automatically calls up the closest responder. We can also generate a map with directions to get the responder to the incident scene.

  • Multi Facility IH Data Portal - Our industrial hygiene portal aids in collecting and reporting the necessary data across a multi-facility corporation. Our goal was to construct a web application that was easily accessible to all facilities, and still remain highly secure from the public while maintaining production efficiency. Data is entered real-time by floor personnel to a remote database which corporate users can access at any time. E-mail alerts were programmed to execute at certain action levels providing corporate safety officials with real-time updates from all of their plants simultaneously. Custom reports were generated based on the corporation’s needs and continue to change as needed.

  • VOIP Data Acquisition Application - Utilizing an open source Public Branch Exchange (PBX) software and a corporate voice over IP (VOIP) service provider, we are able to collect data from the field utilizing any touchtone phone. The data is sent from the touchtone phone over the internet into a centralized database on our server in-house. From there we generate reports from the data in a tabular view and display them on a map. All of this is done in real-time. The only human intervention involved is when the end user dials in the information.


CTEH® is an authorized reseller of Creativity Corp’s Mobile Data Studio framework. Mobile Data Studio provides a rapid application development environment with multiple mobile framework outputs from a single code base. Platforms include:

  • Windows Mobile
  • Android
  • iOS.

We also provide consulting services for design, implementation, and integration of Mobile Data Studio solutions. To purchase Mobile Data Studio products or inquire about integration and development please contact us for pricing.

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