Toxicology Emergency Response Program

The CTEH® TERP® team is available 24 hours per day, every day, including weekends and holidays, and is able to mobilize from their home or office to the incident site. The team can be mobilized by contacting the CTEH® Help Desk at 866-869-2834 (TOX-CTEH®). The team is flexible in design and can be modified according to changing project requirements. Field personnel have completed all necessary training required in the United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) HAZWOPER regulations found in 29 CFR 1910.120. Employees receive training in emergency procedures, hazard assessment and mitigation, respiratory protection, protective clothing, and first aid/CPR.

TERP® Services

  • Air Monitoring
  • Water & Soil Sampling & Assessment
  • Soil Sampling
  • Unknown Chemical Identification
  • Known Chemical Quantification
  • Toxicology Support
  • Public Health Issues
  • Environmental Assessment & Technical Support
  • On-site Safety Support for Hazardous Waste Site Activities
  • Regulatory Issues Assistance
  • Scientific & Regulatory Research
  • Information Documentation & Databasing
  • Project Health & Safety Coordination


CTEH® has provided emergency response services to many clients within the transportation and fixed chemical facility industries. At these incidents, CTEH® evaluated worker and community exposure potential to the chemicals of interest, assisted in establishing hot zone boundaries, addressed community concerns and issues, and developed the necessary data and information to “stand down” the incidents. In addition, CTEH® managed the environmental and human health concerns raised by regulators and the community. Other services provided during or following these incidents have included interaction with local and national media, interaction with local emergency response agencies and medical provider personnel, interaction with government regulatory personnel, and preparation for and presentation at community meetings.

TERP® Personnel

The TERP® team is highly flexible and members can be substituted depending on the project requirements. CTEH® is currently staffed with ten Ph.D. toxicologists, a medical doctor board certified in occupational and preventative medicine, three registered nurses that are members of the Association of Legal Nurse Consultants, industrial hygienists, environmental scientists, chemical and environmental engineers, and an information specialist. Each person brings different experiences and core competencies, which make CTEH® a stronger and more diversified company.


CTEH® maintains the state of the art in air monitoring and field analytical instruments and is capable of performing both real-time and integrated (laboratory) air sampling for a broad range of chemical compounds. Additionally, CTEH® invests thousands of dollars each year in consumable air sampling media to insure that we are prepared for any chemical emergency.

  • Portable Gas Chromatograph/Mass Spectrometer (GC/MS)
  • Integrated air sampling pumps for collection of integrated laboratory analysis
  • Photo-Ionization Detectors (PIDs) & Flame Ionization Detectors (FIDs) for monitoring volatile organic compounds
  • Electrochemical sensors for monitoring lower explosive limit (LEL) and for chemical specific analysis
  • Portable SAFER Star System® for monitoring meteorological conditions and for immediate air dispersion and explosion modeling
  • SapphIRe infrared detector for chemical specific analysis
  • Piston pumps with a large stock and variety of colorimetric detector tubes
  • Particulate Monitors
  • HazMat ID
  • FTIR with Aldrich library
  • Telemetry systems to monitor multiple locations from a single computer console
  • Colorimetric Detector Tubes
  • Single Point Monitors
  • Soil and water screening, assessment, and sampling equipment
  • Many other pieces of equipment are available to the TERP team all over the United States and Canada at any time day or night, if needed.

The CTEH® TERP® Team is trained with the latest technology in air monitoring and equipment to provide immediate and effective results. The toxicologists on the TERP® team have years of experience in dealing with evacuations, community concerns, on-site health issues, public health issues, and litigation.

Rapid Mobilization

In an effort to meet these immediate needs, CTEH® has the ability to rapidly respond to most areas in the United States within a few hours. CTEH® owns and maintains a Beechcraft King Air B200 that is staged in at Adams Field in Little Rock, Arkansas for immediate use. CTEH® employs a full time professional pilot with thousands of flight hours. In addition to rapid response, access to a private aircraft enables CTEH® personnel to reach remote locations that are otherwise difficult to access.

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