CarbonCM for Disaster Recovery

CTEH’s very responsive team and adaptive solutions are standing by to address your critical concerns.

Integrated Task Accounting

Field crews equipped with mobile devices track task completion in real time with photo documentation. Tasks stay in sync with program recognized assignments, program approved change orders, and the program recognized final inspection results.

Integrated Invoicing

Program management integrated invoices ensure all subcontractors invoices that are generated and submitted through CarbonCM are restricted to work orders recognized as complete by the program, match program recognized award amounts, match program recognized construction tasks, are in sync with program recognized change orders and match the exact subcontractor negotiated rates.

Integrated Change Orders

Program management integrated change orders mean that all change orders meet program standards. Any authorized user can create a change order using any computer or mobile device. Once a digital change order is created, program and construction management are notified. This process greatly reduces the amount of time required to complete and approve standard paper work.

Integrated Final Inspection

Final inspection coordination and any subsequent follow-up are seamlessly handled. Once a work order is completed it can be submitted for final inspection with a single click of a button.

Integrated Work Allocation and Subcontractor Intelligence

Work Orders from the program level flow automatically into the construction management system. Construction managers and/or individual contractors have the ability to intelligently allocate and balance work to subs using real-time data. Work order integrity and supporting documentation are preserved down the subcontractor chain and directly support in field construction.

Our Story

As a company established over 20 years ago with a focus on helping companies and communities prepare for, respond to, and recover from manmade and natural disasters, one common principle has become very evident to CTEH. Process and transparency is necessary to effectively implement and carry out a mission during a crisis. The CTEH team combines years of construction management experience with real-time software development abilities to help our clients respond and manage large scale disaster recovery projects around the country.

CTEH has spent years developing an easy to use digital construction and process management tool known as CarbonCM. This web based tool provides a single platform from which the management of work orders, change orders, and invoicing can occur. CarbonCM is a proven solution to the many problems that have historically negatively impacted the delivery and execution of complex disaster recovery projects.

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