Allen Higginbotham, REM

Director of Emergency Response
Little Rock, AR

Allen Higginbotham has twenty four years’ experience in the HAZMAT Emergency Response Industry and personnel management. He specializes in industrial and hazardous material firefighting, emergency response, remediation, industrial services, training and response center management. His responsibilities include managing hazardous material emergencies, remediation and industrial services. He possesses leadership and management skills to properly manage and utilize personnel’s capabilities, equipment deployment, and resource allocation while keeping safety paramount. He is skilled at maintaining constant communications with the customer, regulators, and on and off-site personnel to assure the successful mitigation of the incident.

Allen has a strong working knowledge and implementation of ICS to properly manage the overall on and off site management of emergency responses involving transportation, industry, pipeline and natural disasters. He maintains relationships with clients to assure quality services are provided and expectations are met to minimize the impact to personnel, communities and the environment. He seeks new market areas and secures contracts with new customers to develop business within and outside the response area. Allen evaluates customer’s needs and implements strategic training to include emergency planning and spill prevention while continually assessing the needs of the customer in emergency preparedness and actual emergency response management.

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